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HE500A-TH Temperature Humidity Transmitter Logger
HE500A-TH Temperature Humidity Transmitter Logger
Product Description
HE500 series temperature and humidity transmitter adopt Switzerland imported 2 in 1 sensor, the output it provides including voltage, current and modbus .etc. Its unique design cools the device effectively and avoids signal jamming. With built-in high performance, lower power SCM, it provides wide range and high precision measurements. Its power supply can be DC 9V ~ 30V. This series of products is an industrial grade product, which is designed for strong electromagnetic interference environment. It is specially designed for fast transient pulse group, electrostatic discharge, and withstand voltage. The sensor can accurately measure the temperature and humidity within the range of -30~70°C and 0~100%RH. The circuit uses temperature compensation and the product works stably and reliably.
  • Imported high-precision temperature and humidity integrated sensor.
  • Professional industrial design, avoid test influence caused by circuit heating.
  • Standard output: 4~20mA/0~5V/0~10V.
  • Delay alarm function:the device will not alarm if the data exceed limit and renturn to normal Within delay time.
  • High precision, stable consistency protection performance.
  • Key board with set up & calibration function.
  • Sound&light alarm when exceed the setting.
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